Advice and support services for
Alternative Investment Operations

Flyzone is about one thing, and one thing only: making decisions. With its independent Alternative Investment operations consulting, Flyzone will guide you from a hard impact to a soft landing. Steering your business requirements towards system implementation. By minimizing risk of failure and taking the right decisions when implementing and optimizing your Alternative Investments operations.


Flyzone provides advice and support services for Alternative Investment Operations.
From assessment portfolio and change management to implementation and post operational support.

For General partners

For an agile business growth you will need to align your IT-strategy and business strategy. Financial systems are designed to help you stay competitive in a changing environment. However, they are not one-size-fits-all. A diverse IT-environment and silo operations make financial system design and integration quite complex. General partners can use Alternative Investment software to comply with requirements by regulatory frameworks as FATCA and AIFMD. But configuring and customizing that software to fit your business’s unique needs requires deep domain and technology expertise.

At Flyzone we handle both Alternative Investments software and third-party financial technology (interfacing with accounting and payment systems). Covering all services needed for full front-to-back-end solutions. Such as fundraising with full interaction of CRM and investor relations or detailed capabilities for deal flow management, portfolio management, portfolio monitoring and reporting via investor and investee portals. We assist your core fund management with investor allocation, financial statement generation and fund accounting streamlining reporting and payment processes. Automation of your data factory.

For Limited partners

Most investors start using Alternative Investments in other currencies, industries or geographical regions. It is important tot make sure those investments are backed by a comprehensive solution to measure exposure, reduce risk and efficiently manage opportunities. Basically, Limited Partners that resort to more and more Alternative Investments, need better insights into those investments. Their fund managers – using Alternative Investment solutions – will no longer be occupied with data collection and entry tasks. Instead, they can make better investment decisions on the spot – with the help of powerful reporting and analysis tools.

Flyzone supplies Limited Partners with implementation of portal solutions, data services and end-to-end solutions. The portal solutions provide a safe, internet-based entry to efficiently communicate with multiple fund managers and quickly obtain their data. The data services will effectively process all your labor-intensive and time-consuming tasks. Such as the collecting and validating quarterly fund manager data. Or transforming that data into presentations using with standard or custom templates. The end-to-end solutions will help you optimize your investment strategies. By maximizing performance and showing transparent insights in deal flows and portfolio management or supporting you in back office functions.

For Fund of funds

Favorable conditions such as growth of pension funds assets, privatization trends and changing regulations have increased the interest of institutional investors to alternative investments. The different characteristics of such investments have implications for their risk profile. Flyzone helps to develop alternative investment policies in a responsible manner. By improving risk management practices and implementing these instruments safely and effectively. The monitoring process covers both investment aspects and operational matters. Shifting focus from the underlying funds to the fund of funds.

With the potential level of misunderstanding and debate surrounding Alternative Investments, pension funds need to communicate clearly and adequately to stakeholders. It is instrumental in disclosing key information on operational management and financial soundness. It may even help to manage the pension fund’s own reputation risk. That’s why the services include CRM and proper registration of investor relations as well as loan management and cashflow forecasting. Furthermore FLyzone supports with the implmentation of full deal flow and portfolio management with reporting and investor portal, accounting and process optimization.

For Family offices

Family offices are known to increasingly invest into alternative assets and investment strategies like private equity. That way, they have a need for effective decision support and reporting systems. Because Alternative Investments tend to be sophisticated instruments they require a discriminating understanding. Flyzone helps family offices to enhance pipeline management, portfolio monitoring and reporting, to streamline investor relations, to automate financial and performance reporting and to leverage robust reporting.

The AI software offers single and multi-family offices one platform for flexible data-collecting from fund managers. An integrated tool to manage all aspects of the investment portfolio. All transaction data that is generated by your fund managers and portfolio companies can be uploaded. It is the basis for performing ’waterfall’ and cash-flow analysis or exposure and reduction of risk. The platform can integrate with third party data providers for advanced analysis. Reporting is easy using clear overview dashboards.

(Corporate) Venture Capitalists

Usually, venture capital firms deploy AIternative Investment software to communicate and collaborate with deal sources. To monitor their portfolios by tracking performance, revenue and other critical achievements. Used right, the software can simplify all aspects of fund management: fundraising, portfolio monitoring, reporting, custom deal flows, investor relations registration and even fund accounting. Flyzone has experience with implementation and operations of corporate venture programs, providing tailored services for clients in various stages of their processes.

Among which, transfer of knowledge to the corporate business lines. So that corporate venturing can accelerate innovation outside in. Flyzone will define your investment charters tailored to the business strategy. Making the knife cut at both ends: providing a launching customer for the investee and value creation for the investor. In this process we analyze investments, facilitate due diligence and assist in monitoring investments from sourcing through realization. With a quick and cost-effective distribution of performance reports to investors.

Other services

Due diligence

In more and more markets, more and more financial regulation and standards have been introduced. With considerable impact on the Alternative Investments business around the world. It requires better due diligence. In Europe, the AIFMD is more expansive than any other preceding directive. It touches every aspect of a fund manager’s business. Making information capture key in Alternative Investments. Flyzone provides diagnoses and analyses of the business, specifically on process, system and data management.

Business Process Management

Business Process Management combines the worlds of business analysts and developers. Using a flow chart it models your business goals by describing the steps that are needed to achieve that goal. It will make your business logic visible, more agile and easier to monitor. Flyzone provides Business Process Management with ’Rules’, a tool provided by Mavim. It helps to control business processes by visually registering the rules and responsibilities in your company. Using ’best practice’ libraries to generate a flying start in the modeling process.

Risk management

With risk management you want to control uncertainty in investment decisions. As a basis for either accepting or avoiding the risks involved. It is the ’number one’ question on an investor’s or fund manager’s mind when defining potential losses. It’s all about comparing investment objectives and risk tolerance. Inadequately managing risk can have severe consequences. Flyzone uses Mavim ’Rules’ to help you minimize risks with ’best specific practice’ library modules to determine risks in your investment and to professionally handle those risks.

"Somehow Flyzone managed to conquer complexity in achieving our AIFMD compliance. A gargantuan task."

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